GDFLnews… March 2011

Talking about Courage… I don’t know about everyone else, but my 2011 has already brought many experiences that have put my “one word” COURAGE to the test, and given me cause to stop and think about the importance of enjoying what you do – no matter what.

Two of these occasions happened while skiing with my family. We only went to the ski hill in our town, which is not very big at all. It was my first time skiing for many years, and I was scared. “I will fall.” “My boots are too tight.” I may lose control.” These fears were roaming through my head, making my heart pound, and my stomach sick. My first time back, I failed to have courage, and ended up going into the chalet to calm down after only one run down the bunny hill.

The second time we went, I was determined not to let that happen again. After going down the bunny hill several times, my husband said I was ready for the big hill.

This meant I had to go onto the ski lift. It was time to conquer another fear. The fear of heights. I went on with my daughter, and realized this was not going to be easy. I was terrified. After much convincing, my husband went with me on the next ride up, and with his help, my fear was gone. By the end of the night he had me skiing S curves down the face of the hill many times. Now, I am ready for a bigger hill. COURAGE prevailed.

“I sought the Lord, and He heard me, and delivered me from all my fears.” Psalm 34:4


Putting my self out into the public eye for my business, is another goal for 2011. I pray that I have the right directions in my heart, and COURAGE to follow them.

Last month I was considering working freelance in a position I was a little uncomfortable with. I had the desire for the challenge, it would be interesting work that would grow as each month progressed.  Plus, the promise of a steady paycheck is not something easily turned down in this economy. As time went on, it became clear to me that this was one of those things that was “too good to be true.” Sure enough, it fizzled out, and left me considering my own actions in the ordeal. Did I have the right direction in my heart? I don’t think so. It just didn’t feel right, and it wasn’t something that would benefit others.

Instead, to push myself into COURAGEously getting out into the public I have accepted two new positions on public committees that are more involved with things close to my heart.

The first  is SILVER STREAK INC. Silver Streak provides transportation to seniors and people with disabilities in our community. They are celebrating their 20th Anniversary this year, and I am proud to be a part of it. Visit to learn more.

This month I also accepted the invitation to join the committee for the OCONOMOWOC ARTISAN FAIRE. The Artisan Fair is held one Sunday a month, May – August on the streets of Downtown Oconomowoc. I have showcased my works for 2 years, and will again this year. Find us on FACEBOOK!

Both organizations have asked me to provide graphic design services for their causes, and I am, with pleasure.  This feels right.

 “A wise man will hear and increase learning, and a man of understanding will attain wise counsel.” Proverbs 1:5

UP AND COMING… I am in the planning stages of hosting presentations at a local coffee-house. Bringing samples of my art, and work on an in-progress piece, answering any questions people may have regarding it. I am looking forward to this experience. Watch for details.


Terri Spear, RD is offering her services as a Nutrition and Wellness Consultant. She is challenging you to Maximize Yours [Life] by becoming all you can be, inside and out.

I am personally endorsing  Terri because she has so much enthusiasm, and love for the “good” of people, and an outstanding ability to bring out your best. Terri is an inspiration to me, and I am sure she will be for you also.  If you contact her, you will not be disappointed. Thank You Terri, for choosing GDFL to create your new logo and business card! I wish you all the best.

Getting, and giving Courage to better use my skills is terrifying to me, but this is my goal. I have the desire, and with help from God and others, am gaining wisdom and confidence. What are you doing to go outside your comfort zone?

Good Luck! and, as always, I am here to help.


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Would you hire a Godly Girl?

Would you hire a Godly Girl?

Something to ponder… today, when I read the post: asking “Would you hire a naughty girl?” it made me wonder the opposite. Drew makes valid points on how this person’s outward appearance would in effect hamper her efforts to finding employment. My question, “Would you hire a Godly girl?” is meant to address the same issues but in a different perspective.  Lets say the plates read GDLYGRL, and use his image of the situation. After the interview, you were thinking this woman was the right fit for your company, and upon seeing her license plate — GDLYGRL — what would your response be? Would that influence your decision to hire her to represent your company?

I know what my thoughts are! If that person is bold enough, confident enough, COURAGEOUS enough to plaster her faith for all the world to see, what would stop her from having that same attitude for MY business? She put that initial “first impression” of herself out there as being a person who is honest, trustworthy and caring. By the interview, I already knew she was a right fit for my company, and the plates GDLYGRL, for me would have confirmed it.

Why am I asking this sort of question to begin with? Well, if you have been reading my news pages, you have already figured out that I am a woman of faith. I talk about blessings, happiness, hope… My question to you now is, does this sort of conversation belong in my business conversations? I feel it does, because by knowing the person behind the “job” you get a better insight on how that person will handle your business. I try to get to know my clients – “know the person behind the job”, get a feel for their likes and dislikes, what it is they are trying to convey to their potential market, their businesses “personality” that I will be putting to paper. It is important to me that my clients also know me,  and that we click. That is the only way Good Work will happen.

I am curious to hear your thoughts on this. What do you think?

Courage to have Confidence

I subscribe to a continuous conversation posting from “Faith Barista”  the post I read today “Do you plan for the worst, and hope for the best?” touched me in a way that I wanted to share a bit with you. In Bonnies post, she said the following:

“What if I planned for God’s best and let Him worry about the worst?”

WHAT IF WE ALL DID THIS? That would be exilerating! How wonderful that would be to not have to worry about the outcome of doing what you think is what HE wants you to do? ! I want to do this.

My heart is what’s at stake, not my circumstances.
Pits of troubles wait for me, no matter what.

Yes, there will always be something that will be “not in your plan”, but God provides a way out of every pit (1 Corrinthians 10:13). Every trial.

What is God’s best?

I’m discovering God’s best isn’t found in an outcome, it is found in me.

For we are God’s workmanship,
created in Christ Jesus to do good works,
which God prepared in advance for us to do.”
Ephesians 2:10

I’m discovering God’s best isn’t found in an outcome, it is found in me.

In the end, it is what is in our HEARTS that matters. Our Hearts lead us, because that is where God lives in us. For me, right now, my heart says to draw. My plan is to draw as many pictures as I can, including one very special one that has been on my heart to draw for months. Maybe this is where he wants me to go with my life, my career…. where is He asking you to go? What is He asking you to do? What is in your heart today?


January 2011

Today I start blogging.

This is new for me, sort of, since my previous GDFLnews pages weren’t truely blogs…
Sometimes, such as this month, my blog will talk about business, and projects that I have completed, or spotlight a client and something about them that inspired me to write. Most everyone that reads my newsletters knows that I incorporate faith into my work. Most likely you will find some of that kind of talk here also. My faith in God, and the gifts he gives us everyday are what inspire me to keep going… to keep putting myself on that tightrope, teetering over the business world, and praying I won’t miss the target I am aiming for. Happiness. (“Faith and Business” may even be the subject of one of my future postings.)

Looking back through 2010 (as I page through the bookkeeping to get ready to do taxes) I realize I had some pretty wonderful clients. There was a Life Coach, a Physical Coach, a Business Coach, and a Wealth Management Coach. There were Festivals, Boutiques, Cafe’s, Pizza Parlors, and a Conservatory of Music. I worked with Construction companies, a Heating Company, City Utilities, Area Chamber of Commerce, Church, and even a SUPERHERO! I really enjoy my job. The most enjoyable part for me has been that all of them appreciate my work. What more can I ask?

Of course, to paint (punn intended) it all rosey wouldn’t be honest. Like a lot of other people and businesses, my financial year was a hard one to say the least. But I am still here, still working, still designing, still attending art faires, and still keeping faith that someday this will become what God intends it to be.

If you are new to GDFL, please visit to know more.

The following stories highlight two portraits I was hired to do for Christmas 2010. One contacted me after Christmas and told me that his wife claimed it was the best gift she had ever gotten. Happiness given and received, right there! THATS what I’m talking about!  There is also the story about Sadie the Wonder Dog, and her portrait collage.

Read on, and write a post of your own. I would love to chat!

3 Cats on a Tree…WAY better than one… or something like that

Trying to make something of the saying… but it doesn’t sound right.

The objective of this portrait was to capture three different cats into one picture. Using their climbing tree to realistically group the three separate poses (and cats), this portrait looks like the cats actually posed for this. In reality, they are rarely on the tree at the same time.

Because their cats are like their children, Rick purchased this custom artwork for his wife, Chrystal for Christmas. “To have all three cats in one picture would be awesome,” he said. “She will cry when she opens it.”  And cry she did, saying it was the best gift she ever got.


CLIENT SPOTLIGHT: Chrystal is known as “The Cat Lady” in Colorado. Visit her website or to learn her passion. She and Rick are hoping to open a Cat Rescue and Adoption Center soon. And, you guessed it, I was the designer for their logo, cards, web header, and Mewsletters. The logo incorporates cat cartoons (same cats above, only one of them was a kitten at the time).  Read on, and enjoy!

Sadie the Wonder Dog!

Photograph of Sadie

Recently I had the pleasure of drawing a collage portrait of a very special dog. Her name is Sadie. When she was only one year old, she was diagnosed with Blatomycosis in her left eye, and was told it should be removed, and if the disease had spread, the other eye would be removed as well. After spending a week in an animal hospital on IV meds, she was healthy enough to go home, and kept both of her eyes. Her diagnosis was that she would be blind in both of her eyes, and wouldn’t get her sight back. When the owners asked, “you mean never?” the doctor responded, “We can never say never.”

About three weeks later, Sadie’s owner noticed her turning her head toward a light. To be sure, he shined a small laser light on the floor in front of Sadie, moving it around. Low and behold, she was following it! Her owners took her back to the animal hospital and they confirmed that Sadie had regained full sight in her right eye.

Blatomycosis is a potentially fatal disease that is a fungus which normally hits the lungs. When the fungal spore lodges, it converts to a parasitic budding yeast, and spread throughout the body and organs. With Sadie, they were lucky it hit her eyes, and not her lungs.


Sadie Collage of 4 poses. This pastel chalk collage was made to fit into the image area of an 11x14 mat.

Vickie Johnson ordered this portratit for her husband for Christmas.
What a wonderful way to celebrate Sadie and their love for her.
Sadie will turn 7 in March 2011.