January 2011

Today I start blogging.

This is new for me, sort of, since my previous GDFLnews pages weren’t truely blogs…
Sometimes, such as this month, my blog will talk about business, and projects that I have completed, or spotlight a client and something about them that inspired me to write. Most everyone that reads my newsletters knows that I incorporate faith into my work. Most likely you will find some of that kind of talk here also. My faith in God, and the gifts he gives us everyday are what inspire me to keep going… to keep putting myself on that tightrope, teetering over the business world, and praying I won’t miss the target I am aiming for. Happiness. (“Faith and Business” may even be the subject of one of my future postings.)

Looking back through 2010 (as I page through the bookkeeping to get ready to do taxes) I realize I had some pretty wonderful clients. There was a Life Coach, a Physical Coach, a Business Coach, and a Wealth Management Coach. There were Festivals, Boutiques, Cafe’s, Pizza Parlors, and a Conservatory of Music. I worked with Construction companies, a Heating Company, City Utilities, Area Chamber of Commerce, Church, and even a SUPERHERO! I really enjoy my job. The most enjoyable part for me has been that all of them appreciate my work. What more can I ask?

Of course, to paint (punn intended) it all rosey wouldn’t be honest. Like a lot of other people and businesses, my financial year was a hard one to say the least. But I am still here, still working, still designing, still attending art faires, and still keeping faith that someday this will become what God intends it to be.

If you are new to GDFL, please visit http://www.graphics-4-less.com to know more.

The following stories highlight two portraits I was hired to do for Christmas 2010. One contacted me after Christmas and told me that his wife claimed it was the best gift she had ever gotten. Happiness given and received, right there! THATS what I’m talking about!  There is also the story about Sadie the Wonder Dog, and her portrait collage.

Read on, and write a post of your own. I would love to chat!



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